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Location:Colorado, United States of America
→About Me
Not much about me. I'm an avid reader. I read both published fiction and fanfiction in many fandoms. Harry Potter, Merlin, H5O, AI, Bandom, Teen Wolf, SPN, Dark Angel, Torchwood, anything else I discover and get my hands on. I'm a podficcer. I love podfic. I think there should be more of it, and I talk about it a lot. As a lesbian, I like to read gay-themed books (both m/m and f/f) and the fanfiction I read is (generally) slash or femmeslash. I tend to blather a lot about podfic, and gay rights, and books, and I pimp things that I find interesting and fun.

All my fannish work can be found most easily at my Archive of our Own Account

You can find me at the following places: [archive of our own profile] fire_juggler | [livejournal personal profile] fire_juggler | [ profile] fire_juggler
→Age Statement and Stuff
Some of the stuff I post is NC-17 or R and many of my lists will link to such things. Everything is rated so click with discretion. You are responsible for what you see.

Age Statement: I am in every way legal to read whatever I might desire. Born 1978.
This journal isn't friends only, but feel free to friend me. If you do, do me a favor and comment on an entry or send me a PM to let me know who you are and why you're interested in my journal, and I'll friend you back.

If I friended you, it's because I like what's in your journal and want to keep up with it. No pressure to friend me back ♥
→Transformational Works Statement
I don't have much in the way of fannish work (just a couple of not!fics), but just in case... I hereby give anyone and everyone permission to transform any of my fannish works. You may remix, make poetry out of, take the plot and do something different with it, write alternate endings or sequels, make mixes, chop, splice, color, warp, cook at 450 degrees, or whatever you want. Just credit me for my bits and drop me a link when you post! And, if my work is, itself, a transformative work (i.e. a podfic), please get permission from the original creator as well. And please don't archive the original work anywhere without my permission.

On Repodding:
I'm a firm believer that if the author gives you permission, you should not have to ask a previous podficcer if you can repod a story. That said, if for whatever reason, you're feeling weird about it, consider this my absolute stamp of approval/happy dance of love. I LOVE repods!!! I think they are awesome and wonderful and I wish that people would repod every story that I've podficced, so please, go right ahead. I'm begging you. And drop me a link afterward if you're so inclined. I podfic my favorite fics, and I'd love to hear them in a voice that's not mine! ♥
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